Condensed Milk Cookies

by Shell


500g of butter
1, 1/2 tins of condensed milk
1 cup of sugar
5 cups of self-raising flour


  1. Cream sugar and butter.
  2. Add condensed milk and flour.
  3. Roll into teaspoon sized balls and press down with a fork.
  4. Place on greased trays and bake in moderate oven until golden brown (approximately 10-15 minutes).

Before baking I divide the mixture into five and add the following ingredients for different flavoured cookies:
1.Chocolate chips
2.Cornflakes and sultanas
3.Hundreds and Thousands
4.Jam drops
5.Milo and coconut
You could add any number of other things like Rice Bubbles, Smarties, nuts, cinnamon and other spices and so on. The raw mixture can be frozen in balls, just thaw slightly before baking.

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